At K.W. Bruun, we are always looking for new employees who share the same winning mentality as us. Do not hesitate to send us your application for one of our vacancies.


We are very careful when hiring new employees. It is important to choose the right one for both the tasks, the department and the company. It is at least as important that our future employee knows what he or she is getting into. The match must be right for both parties. Therefore, we do not focus on "filling a gap" here and now, but focus a lot on how both the applicant, the position and the company will be able to develop together in the future.
Ulla Egelund
HR Director
Professionalism and personality are of great importance to ensure the right match between the K.W. Bruun Group and the new employee. Therefore, when we hire new employees, we examine both professional and personal competencies of the applicants. We place high demands on each other, and we also place demands on potential new employees. You will thus find that you will invest a lot of time in the hiring process. New employees with us have most often been through a process with 2 interviews, filling out tests, filling out a personality profile as well as solving and presenting a case assignment. We also use references when relevant and possible. This thoroughness helps us to form an impression of you from as many angles as possible.
Camilla Folting
HR Business Partner