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Hear Jonas tell about his path from Graduate to Head of Car Logistics & Sales Manager, Opel


Previous Graduate and now Brand Director at Citroën & DS

"When I started in 2018 as a Graduate in the retail department at K.W. Bruun Import, I did not know much about the automotive industry, but that changed quickly.

My time as a Graduate has taught me a lot about negotiation, market analysis, and campaign planning. And pretty quickly, I got the responsibility to do many of these tasks. It was clear that I had come to a company with solid values, which are not only aired on special occasions. These values can be experienced every day. For example, the Group's agility is reflected in high efficiency and quick decision-making in everything we do.

K.W. Bruun & Co. has ambitions - both on behalf of the company and its employees. And we get good opportunities to influence the working day and the business as a whole, as the management, in close collaboration with the employees, sets goals and decentralizes responsibility.

Every day the ambitions are high and the pace fast, but there is also room to socialize and have fun with your colleagues. We also meet outside working hours, which I believe also helps strengthen the community in our team."

Adam Wenzel Holm, Brand Lead at Citroën & DS.

Katinka - Assistant Consultant

Hear Katinka tell about her expirences as a Student Assistant at K.W. Bruun


Sales Manager LCV

"I have always been passionate about vans and have worked in the automotive industry for most of my career. As sales manager for Peugeot's vans, I am now in my dream job, where I set the framework and have a significant influence on the products throughout the journey from the factory and via our skilled dealer to the end-user.

As a company, K.W. Bruun Import is very results-oriented and characterized by a strong dynamic. AGILE, in particular, is part of our DNA, and this can also be experienced through our highly efficient teams, where we work towards shared goals - and with a strong winning mentality.

It is very inspiring how quickly you can take on a great deal of responsibility and put a personal imprint on the company as an employee. This also applies in a social aspect, where you, through the CARE initiatives, have the opportunity to make an impact on well-being and good communication across the entire organization."

Sten Schwaner, Sales Manager LCV.

Thomas - Product Manager

Hear Tomas tell about his path from Graduate to being a Product Manager at K. W. Bruun


Brand Director at Fiat, Alfa romeo, Jeep & Fiat Professional

"My career at K.W. Bruun Import started after graduating in 2016, where I was hired as a Business Controller in our Business Intelligence department and got a place at the internal Talent Academy. Being a part of the Talent Academy has given me an in-depth understanding of the company's values ​​and various business areas and an excellent toolbox.

K.W. Bruun as a company is innovative, courageous, and efficient. This means that there is a wide range of different competencies, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute with their input despite their formal role. If you have the skills, show commitment, and want the responsibility, then you will get it- and it's great to feel that kind of management's commitment to me as a person and employee.

A typical working day is characterized by efficiency and a high pace. This illustrates the mentality at K. W. Bruun that sets us apart from others. Agility is part of our DNA - and there is no doubt about that. You can feel the passion for our products and the willingness to work towards a common goal. This can be experienced at all levels and in all departments.

Outside of work, there is a good community as well. Several of us occasionally meet for a good time paddle tennis or other forms of activities outside work, where the internal 'mockery right' in the office is fought for. "

Alexander T. Rasmussen, Brand Director at Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep & Fiat Professional

Hanne - Head of PR

Hear Hanne tell about her career path at K. W. Bruun